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Achieve 3 credits in 8 weeks or less!

Summer break doesn't have to interfere with your degree plan.
In fact, it can put you way ahead of the game when you take the opportunity summer affords to build on your momentum. With another 3 credits towards your degree plan, you can:

  • Reduce your course load for the coming Fall semester.
  • Tackle a challenging class without the stress of a full class schedule.
  • Knock a core requirement off your list.

UNM Summer Session classes are only 8 weeks. You can achieve 3 credits in 4 weeks with Half-Term courses, or find an Intensive 2- or 3- week course experience. Combine courses to progress even further towards your degree!

Choose your summer's accomplishment from:

These achievements offer the student a rich, rewarding summer. 

Get ahead or catch up on your degree requirements by earning credit on or off campus! Choose from:



Experience a one-of-a-kind blend of peoples and the arts — the heart of New Mexico in a welcoming campus environment. Both UNM and its location are a unique, friendly fusion of cultures. UNM has students from over 47 different countries and features over 70 foreign exchange programs. Arts, culture, good food, fun places, and the great outdoors offer plenty of opportunities for recreation and renewal. Learn more about the setting for your summer.

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